World reads the news on geographical map

ESRI, the world leading GIS company, presented Storymap application, which allows 86 different English language media to be read on web map.

ESRI news map educates users about the location of the news and informs what is happening from Honolulu, to Moscow and Brisbane. Storymap application is easy to use – with one click on a red city icon a nicely formatted browser window appears displaying the city newspaper.

Check out the news on ESRI map.


Why on geographical map? Psychologists have found that the information is seen and understood most easily when it’s in a map form. That’s why the journalists and editors worldwide use ESRI GIS technologies in their everyday work life for creating graphic images, by which they can visualize their stories, explore in depth the necessary information to prepare their articles, present weather forecasts and election results, plan and conduct campaigns. Among the biggest ESRI customers are influential media like Washington Times, USA Today and Philadelphia Inquirer newspapers, a lot of TV channels and online news portals.

In Bulgaria, the campaign of the national BTV channel “Let’s Clean Bulgaria in One Day” uses GIS for analytical visualization of the data. The analysis of the information collected via ESRI technology and presented at the end of 2013, had shown that about 2,000 polluted areas marked during the previous year have been kept clean, and only 40 of them have been polluted again. It also visually presented the concentration of polluted areas per capita per municipality.