GIS Day Conference, November 2019 

See what others can`t with Geographic Information Systems. Discover the power of the latest GIS technology for your needs today.

Dozens of live demonstrations of innovative GIS solutions will be made for the first time in Bulgaria.
Views and shared experience from leading experts. Presentation of successful GIS projects
and specialized GIS products that will help you work more efficiently and successfully deploy your ideas, plans, and projects.

All this will be a fact on November 13th. Don’t miss it!

Plenary sessionLearn about the latest trends in Geographic Information Systems, and global best practices in this field, presented by leading international and Bulgarian guest speakers. Find out how you can apply them to address the challenges in your sphere of work. Technology innovationsExplore the latest capabilities of the ESRI GIS platform – a new generation of geo-analytics, image processing, GIS and BIM integration. See specialized GIS applications for real-time work, mobile solutions, Artificial Intelligence in GIS, and more.
GIS for CybersecurityLearn from leading international experts why Geographic Information Systems are an indispensable part of the IT platform for cybersecurity. Discover how GIS technologies support the detection, analyze and management of events and incidents and cyberspace, including cyberattack prevention. GIS for sustainable developmentGet acquainted with the latest features of Geographic Information Systems for environmental needs. Find out more about one of the largest projects in this field in Bulgaria right now. At the conference will be presented the project about the Iskar River Basin Management System as the first phase of the National Real-Time Water Management System.
GIS for utilitiesDo not miss the opportunity to see live GIS-based electronic platform “Single Information Point”, which integrates data about the routes of the entire technical infrastructure of Bulgaria – electronic communications networks, water and sewerage, gas, road, railway and electrical infrastructure, heat transmissions, street lighting, and others. Find out what options it provides and how you might use it. Discover specialized GIS solutions that support infrastructure management and operation activities, mobile team management and more. GIS for spatial planningDiscover the latest GIS technology capabilities for cadastre, territorial and spatial planning. Find out more about the partnership between Esri and Autodesk and how you can effectively combine the power of GIS and BIM for better planning and design. See live how one of the most high-tech municipalities in Bulgaria implements specialized GIS solutions for task allocation, mobile team management, equipment inspection and overall support for municipal development activities.
GIS for securityDo not miss the opportunity to see the presentation of the European Satellite Center to find out how Geospatial technologies are used to process and analyze images to effectively address the security challenges in Europe. See also demonstrations of GIS solutions used in our country for analysis of security factors and many more. GIS for Open DataDiscover how modern GIS technologies help achieve effective eGovernment, improve workflows, manage information and documents. See live GIS applications for the provision of electronic administrative services and open data that contribute to the achievement of better administrative services in compliance with regulatory requirements.

November 13, 2019

Royal Ballroom
Sofia Hotel Balkan

See what others can't