Functional domain Modules
Portfolio properties management • Portfolio properties management
• Administration of the rents
• Administration of the costs
• Allocation of costs and invoicing
• Predicting the property portfolio
Capital projects management • Capital Budgeting
• Project management
• Assessment of the status
• Coordination of entry into service
Spatial management and planning • Management of land and productivity
• Inventаrization and staff management
• Allocation of total costs
• Strategical planning
Transfer management  • Organization transfer
Assets management • Assets gateway
• Management of furniture and equipment
• Management of telecommunications and cables
Energy and risk management  • Evaluation of environmental sustainability
• Energy Efficiency Management
• “Green” building
• Waste Management
• Emergency management
• Safe working environment
• Environmental protection
• Management of hazardous substances
• Overall management of natural resources
Facility management • Managing the support requests
• Preventive maintenance
• Assessment of the conditions
• Call center
Workplace services • Reservations
• Reception
• Shared workspace
• Management of the vehicles

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