ARCHIBUSARCHIBUS is the world’s leading IT solution for corporate property management and associated facilities. The software provides tools for managing all activities related to facility management and portfolio management properties. With its 4 million users in over 16,000 organizations, it is a global FM standard.

ARCHIBUS is consisted of modules that serve to different aspect of facility management of an organization – from area management, through maintenance and renting, to inventory management, utilities and more. The modules can be combined freely to match as closely as possible, to the required functionality. ARCHIBUS is integrated with ESRI GIS platform and AutoCAD, which allows users to “enter” in buildings to bring, visualize and analyze the necessary information on the relevant drawings and plans.
There are different options for solution’s platform that allows it to scale and grow according to the needs of the organization. The modules can be combined freely to respond as accurately as possible to the required functionality, but without burdening or raising the cost of the customer’s decision.

Operating costs are a significant part of the total cost of ownership (Total cost of ownership – TCO) of an asset. Only 20% of that cost of ownership is actually the purchase of the asset and 80% of the life cycle maintenance. So it is important, as comprehensive as possible, to address the various processes related to the management of the asset. This approach brings economic benefits from the first introduction of the product. Organizations that have implemented ARCHIBUS are observing decrease in these operating costs between 5% and 20%.

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