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GIS improve the quality of life

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“GIS is a vast and constantly evolving field”

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“I feel part of a professional and innovative team”

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An Esri GIS Map Presents the State of Bathing Waters in the EU

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“The work we do is really useful for society”

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“GIS is a wide-ranging and dynamic field”

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Through GIS, we have the opportunity to see the world from a new perspective

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The 20th National Olympiad in Geography and Economics was held
The participants sealed their message in a capsule for the contestants in the XXX Olympiad in Geography and Economics in our country
Esri launches brings together remarkable maps to help people explore and better understand the world through the power of cartography.

News Minister Tsokov Presented Awards in the GIS Competition

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A record 700+ people participated in World GIS Day 2023

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The Biggest GIS Event in Bulgaria Returns in Person on November 15th

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National Educational Competition “Exploring the World with GIS” Launched
Teachers, students and students from all over the country can enter and win many prizes
The 11th campaign “Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together” was launched

Esri Bulgaria received a special plaque as a technology partner of the largest volunteer initiative in Bulgaria

GIS opens the doors to many new fields for me beyond surveying

Interview with Nicole Nikolova, GIS and Database Intern at Esri Bulgaria

It’s useful for people from all sorts of backgrounds to get involved with GIS
Interview with Venko Venkov, GIS and Database Intern at Esri Bulgaria.

There is something for everyone in GIS technology

Interview with Kubrat Novkov, "GIS and Databases" intern at Esri Bulgaria.

In 30 years, access to education has increased worldwide
UN data is presented on an interactive Esri GIS map.
GIS is a tool that can contribute to a brighter future
Interview with Viktor Bozev, "GIS and Database" intern at Esri Bulgaria.
We are recording the lowest pH of the oceans in at least 26,000 years
The World Meteorological Organization has presented its 2022 annual climate report in visual form with an interactive GIS StoryMap.
GIS combines everything I expect from a career

Interview with Denis Ivanov, software development intern at Esri Bulgaria.

Esri – with a thank you award for supporting child cartographers
On March 27, the winners of the 13th National Children's World Map Competition "Map of my Future World" were awarded.
They officially presented the medals to our Olympic geography champions

With a total of 7 medals from the last two International Geography Olympiads, the Bulgarian students won for Bulgaria one of the leading places in the world

University Students in Bulgaria Adopt GIS Skills for Careers in Sustainable Mining
Esri prepared a case study for the teaching with GIS process at the University of Mining and Geology.
NASA brings new up-to-date Earth data and services to Esri’s GIS platform

A new agreement between the world leader in Geographic Information Systems Esri and NASA will provide the global scientific community with access to more up-to-date and high-quality resources.

Esri – 2022 Climate Change Technology Leader

The Esri GIS platform received an extremely high rating in Forrester's Climate Risk Analysis report.

ESRI Bulgaria is waiting for interns!
The Spring Internship Program 2023 is now open for applications.
Esri’s Este Geraghty – first among women leaders in medicine for 2022
The ranking features 50 doctors, clinicians and educators who are changing the face of modern medicine

Who’s who at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Esri's dashboard integrates in one place maps, statistics and information for all participants in the championship

The conference for the World GIS Day brought together more than 800 participants

Esri Bulgaria together with leading organizations presented the best GIS projects and nationally significant systems in many spheres.

Sustainable development and disaster management – focus of GIS Day 2022

An online conference will showcase the significant GIS systems and innovations in various industries.

StoryMaps for Personal Use – a new tool for stories based on the most powerful GIS

Furthering Esri's Mission to Bring the Geographic Approach to All, the new StoryMaps for Personal Use app lets anyone tell and share their stories in the form of engaging, interactive web content

Apply for an Esri NGO grant

Grant application form.

Upcoming Webinar – Special Esri Program for NGOs and Conservation
Learn more about new Esri GIS solutions to help NGOs protect biodiversity and natural resources!

The basemaps in Living Atlas of the World – in even higher resolution!

A new agreement between Esri Inc. and Maxar Technologies will provide ArcGIS users with imagery of nearly half the Earth's surface, with resolution enhanced from 1.2 m to 60 cm.

The White House relies on Esri GIS to prevent heat deaths

A GIS portal will help prevent victims of the heat in the USA.

Overgas has won the most prestigious international GIS award for 2022
The award is for the innovative GIS platform implemented by Esri Bulgaria for all work processes related to gasification in our country.
Esri Bulgaria with an honorary plaque for partner of “Let’s clean up Bulgaria together”
Since the beginning of the largest volunteer initiative in our country, nearly 2,500,000 volunteers have collected garbage with a volume equal to more than 200 fully loaded Boeing 747 airplanes
3 medals for Bulgaria from the International Geography Olympiad
The team is financially supported by Esri Bulgaria.
“The variety in GIS programming is interesting and develops many skills!”
Interview with Miroslav Mitkov, a participant in the "Spring Intern Program" of Esri Bulgaria.
Registration for the first Summer Online Esri Academy is open
Master ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online and practical applications in just 2 weeks!
“Both in GIS and in music – I have a lot to give to the society!”
Interview with Hristo Kostov, a participant in the "Spring Internship Program" 2022 of Esri Bulgaria.
“I like the scale of GIS projects and their public value”

Interview with Toni Blagoev, a participant in the "Spring Internship Program" 2022 of Esri Bulgaria.

“I want to close the perfect circle of GIS skills”
Interview with Denis Antiev, a participant in the "Spring Internship Program" 2022 of Esri Bulgaria.
“GIS has the potential to make the world a better place to live”
Interview with Vikitsa Kazasova, a participant in "Spring Internship Program 2022" of Esri Bulgaria.
“With GIS I can focus on what is close to my heart”
Interview with Anzhela Petrova, a participant in the “Spring Internship Program” 2022 of Esri Bulgaria.
The UN FAO has created a dashboard for the war in Ukraine with the ArcGIS Dashboard
Data on people in need, starving and displaced people are updated, systematized and presented using Esri's ArcGIS Dashboard.
Sofiyska voda, Part of Veolia, Modernizes Workflows with ArcGIS Utility Network
The implemented solution helps Sofiyska voda work faster and smarter and provides services of higher quality to residents. 
ArcGIS Online is now in Bulgarian and with a free version

Sign up for the new upcoming courses and learn how to apply the leading web GIS software to your work.

The application for the Internship Program Spring 2022 has started
ESRI Bulgaria accepts applications until December 10, 2021 in several key areas.
Good GIS practices for sustainable development and access to data main topics of the World GIS Day

The largest GIS event in Bulgaria gathered online more than 800 participants from various fields.

Bulgaria celebrates GIS Day 2021 with online conference on 17 November

How GIS can help achieve the Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals - find the answer during the largest GIS event in the country.

The First National Educational Competition “Digital Stories from School and University” is open

All teachers, high school students, and Ph.D. candidates can participate in the competition.

(Български) Предстои надграждащ обучителен уебинар по програма “ГИС в училище”

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The International Hackathon “Hack for a Sustainable Future” is open

Teams can submit their projects until September 13 on topics related to environmental and socially significant topics.

GIS applications help monitor and report wild fires online

They are created in order to support communication in emergency situations in Bulgaria.

Upcoming training related to “GIS at School” program

Esri Bulgaria organizes free training: Work with the provided GIS software and training resources according to the program "GIS at School".

Join Esri User Conference

Esri User Conference 2021 will be a virtual event starting from the 12th until 15th of July. Join tens of thousands of GIS users

Jack Dangermond honored by IGU with Planet and Humanity Аward
The award is given once in every four years 
The cleaning actions of “Let’s clean Bulgaria together” are starting and they will be marked on Esri map
Esri Bulgaria was chosen again for 
Digital map by Esri helps people around the world to participate in Earth Day

Using the global map developed by Esri

A introductory training program “GIS in Schools”

Upcoming introductory training under the "GIS in school" program.

Winners of the “Favourite places on the map of Bulgaria” contest

The first of its kind contest gathered in one interactive map more than 1,600 photos from participants from all over the country.

GIS map tracks the progress in the development of vaccines against COVID-19
The world's first coronavirus vaccine tracker is now just a click away.
Bulgaria marks World GIS Day 2020 with an online conference with record rating

The event gathered more than 1,800 views from participants across the country.

Johns Hopkins University and NASA will be part of the GIS Day in Bulgaria
Web GIS application for monitoring the progress in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19 worldwide will be presented at the event.
Photo contest “Favourite places on the Map of Bulgaria”
"Capture the beauty of Bulgaria through your photo lens" is the motto of the first of its kind competition in Bulgaria, which will combine GIS technology and photography with the mission to show beautiful Bulgaria on an interactive map.
ESRI Bulgaria with an award for sustainable policies in COVID-19
The company was honored for the social GIS projects it developed to combat the pandemic.
ESRI Bulgaria celebrates its 25th anniversary
The company will provide specialized GIS solutions for this year's edition of the largest initiative for an active lifestyle in our country "Nestle for Live Actively!".
Free GIS software and training to support people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic
Esri's program aims to improve the skills of more people in times of crisis.
Frontex informs about the COVID-19 Restrictions with GIS Map
Еveryone who is about to travel in Europe will be able to see the measures that are still in force in different countries.

Esri Offers Students Free Access to Software for Continued Education
The "Learn ArcGIS" program aims to support students' distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Esri GIS in support of the National Coronavirus Information System

Internationally established geographic technologies used by the World Health Organization are part of the National Coronavirus Information System.

New GIS application helps fight the coronavirus in Bulgaria
Everyone can track the spread of COVID-19 in the country with a specialized web GIS application.
The EU shows with GIS the scale of climate change in Europe

The maps show that Central Europe, the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, Brittany and Venice are among the most sensitive regions of the continent.

The world monitors the spread of COVID-19 in real time
An interactive GIS map answers the most important questions about the scale and pace of the epidemic.
The winners in the National Map Contest “Stories, Projects and Dreams on a Map”
The official award ceremony of the winners took place on 13 November at Sofia Hotel Balkan.
The GIS Society in Bulgaria celebrated GIS Day 2019

The prestigious event was held under the motto "See What Others Can't" and was officially opened by Minister Rosen Zhelyazkov.

Bulgaria will celebrate the International GIS Day on 13 November at Sofia hotel Balkan

Among the international speakers who will take part in the prestigious forum is Adriano Baptista, Director of Operations at the Satellite Center of the European Union (SatCen EU) and Francisco Nobre, Vice-President of the European Emergency Calls Association (112).

The National GIS Contest “Stories, Projects and Dreams on a Map” is Launched
The contest encourages all young and grown-up explorers to tell their stories on a map with the help of Geographic Information Systems.
The pilot project for the Management of Iskar River begins
The project is part of the first phase of the implementation of the Bulgaria National Water Management System in real time.
ESRI supports the young talents in the “We Love Maps” contest
The initiative encourages children to draw creative maps of the world, helping them to develop their cartographic knowledge and talent.
The Ministry of Interior` GIS system won the “IT Project of the Year” award
The GIS of  MoI Bulgaria received a prize for most significant IT project in the category "Central Administration" at the prestigious competition "IT Project of the Year".
Evgenia Karadjova was awarded a valuable map of the Black Sea from the XVI century
The portolan map is considered one of the most beautiful and informative maps for the Black Sea.
Rediscover Bulgaria with GIS – the winners in the national map contest

On November 14 in Sofia hotel Balkan were officially announced the winners of the national map contest "Rediscover Bulgaria with GIS".

A record number of participants in the jubilee World GIS Day
Nearly 700 representatives from more than 150 organizations participated in the forum.

Bulgaria will celebrate the 20th International GIS Day on November 14, 2018

A technical conference "20 Years Designing the World Together through GIS" brings leading world and Bulgarian specialists in Sofia.

The implementation of GIS system for the “Single Information Point” begins
Esri Bulgaria will implement the GIS system for the "Single Information Point" in Bulgaria.
Interactive GIS map helps the fight against Tuberculosis in Bulgaria
Esri Bulgaria developed web GIS map for the needs of the programs for prevention and control of tuberculosis in Bulgaria at the Ministry of Health.
ESRI GIS Will Help Power the United Nations’ New Global Data Hub
For the first time, a unified system will be set up to measure the progress on the implementation of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
International GIS Day 2017 in Bulgaria
ESRI Bulgaria in partnership with more than 30 leading organizations once again gathered the Bulgarian GIS community together.
Play clean with GIS technologies from ESRI
Specialized GIS technologies help participants in the seventh edition of “Let`s Clean Bulgaria Together” win “green points”
New ESRI GIS applications for “Let`s Clean Bulgaria Together” initiative
The biggest volunteer initiative in the country chooses ESRI Bulgaria again for its technological partner. 
First Scientific-Industrial Forum: Day of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 2017
For the first time in Bulgaria, the event will bring together representatives of leading government, scientific and corporate organizations to share their experience and demonstrate the possibilities of UAV and their application.
The first in Bulgaria GIS for Monitoring of the Black Sea
The system supports the sustainable development and protection of the Black Sea and facilitates the Bulgarian authorities` planning and management activities.
Еsri and NCI Agency sign agreement on GIS technology provision
Esri and NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) signed an Enterprise Agreement (EA).
Esri Supports the National Children’s Map Drawing Competition

The six best map drawings will represent Bulgaria at the International Competition "Barbara Petchenik"  in Washington, USA this July.

Second award for the BPI Co.` Information System
The system for real-time monitoring of the Black Sea was awarded in the thirteenth edition of the "IT Project of the Year".
Esri Ranks among Fast Company`s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies

Location strategy platform continues revolutionizing decision-making for businesses and governments with The Science of Where

ArcGIS 10.5 Brings Major Advancements in GIS
The latest version of the world`s leading GIS platform is available for the Bulgarian customers.