Geographic Information Systems of ESRI are the necessary tool for the environmental protection, sustainable management of biological recourses and conservation of the biodiversity. Used by thousands organizations around the world, it provides powerful tools for visualization, analysis of interrelationships and trends, and modeling. But what makes it the most faithful collaborator of biologists, the answer gives the oldest environmental NGO in Bulgaria:

“Most of us, the biologists, are “at odds” with the new technologies. Give us to go around the world and to trace the last refuges of endangered species. The most unexpected for us, precisely, in the ESRI GIS technologies we found loyal ally. With its help we visualize the collected field data, learn unknown things about their living areas, make analysis, connected with the biology of the species, develop ecological models of suitable habitat types and models of their potential location, determine which of the most sensitive areas are suffering from “absorption” of wildlife. All of this with one goal – the protection of the Bulgarian nature!”

Simeon, Marin

Green Balkans

One of the largest environmental organizations in the world - WWF, use the Esri GIS technology as main IT toolbox in their action to protect and restore the world's biodiversity.


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