Water Utilities

The high requirements on the one hand of the regulators, and the other – the users of services, combined with market competition and the lack of recourses to prioritize the water utilities, the question of efficient management of the water networks. ESRI GIS technology is the right IT tool which provides this ability.

“From information system, composed of paper maps, spreadsheets and CAD files, with the powerful tools of ESRI GIS technology, we have created an effective, integrated management system for the water supply network,” says Mr. Tony Jackson, a technical expert in SAWS. “The figures show that, with the implementation of the GIS technology, the company saved more than 1$ million for the first year.”

More and more water companies in Bulgaria understand and experience the great benefits and advantages of the Geographical Information System of ESRI. The implementation of GIS for the needs of the water sector in our country is oriented towards the corporate information system, integrating the existing applications and provides additional opportunities for data management and process control.

ESRI GIS technology facilitates and optimizes the following activities:

•    Assets management, including water supply networks and facilities
•    Insurance of baseline data for the design
•    Coordination of work projects
•    Operational activities management
•    Investment projects and programs management
•    Quality customer service
•    Planning, allocation and management of emergency crews
•    Technical quality control
•    Responding to regulatory requirements

Developed GIS for water company in the U.S. integrate data and applications with a common hydrographic model.


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