In today’s competitive world, to be a successful energy company, it must extract the maximum of its recourses – from people, trough equipment, to the information. But for that we need systematic view over the picture. ESRI GIS technology is the modern IT tool, which provides this overall view. The ESRI’s software solutions introduce the overall operative picture by allowing every single part, from the individual column to the distribution of the work teams, to be easily planned, visualized, analyzed and managed.

ESRI GIS solutions, for the needs of Energetics, support the activities of:

•    Management and operation of assets and applications
•    Network planning and forecasting
•    Support da design of electricity and gas distribution networks
•    Emergency management
•    Automatic generation of complex schemes of utility networks
•    Checking the network connectivity
•    Quality control of data network
•    Optimization of infrastructure architecture
•    Planning, allocation and management of emergency crews
•    Dispatching and inspection
•    Responding to regulatory requirements

GIS supports activities for exploitation and management of electrical networks by providing a common operating picture in real time.


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