eGovernment (GOV 2.0)

In the last decade the Geographic Information Systems have become a key technology for eGovernment. And that’s a fact!
More and more governments around the world use ESRI GIS, not only as IT technology, by which increase the efficiency of their work, but as comprehensive platform for eGovernment. The powerful tools combined with easy-to-understand maps and the wide range of abilities for spatial analysis supports many institutions in achieving more sustainable and transparent management, more effective cooperation and better service to citizens.

In the cloud, departmental and local, ESRI GIS provides opportunities for integration, sharing, visualizing, analyzing and managing various data from different sources. Presented in the form of interactive maps, these data are converted into understandable and useful information to each institution, the citizens and third sides.

ESRI GIS for eGovernment

Proven as a complete IT platform for eGovernment, ESRI GIS technology is implemented successfully in many institutions at national, regional and local level in USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Norway and many others EU countries, as well as European Commission structures. The reason – ESRI GIS contribute to the achievement of effective and sustainable management like:

•    Increases the efficiency of the work processes
•    Optimizes the operative activities
•    Automates the back-office
•    Improves the communication
•    Allows delivery of e-services to citizens and business, thereby decreases costs and optimizes the operations services to citizens
•    Provides authoritative publication of data on the Web

�зображение program of the U.S. government implemented the concept of effective e-governance. Developed by Esri geoportal and mobile application gives users the ability to monitor and report on how the allocation of government funds is implemented, and to be informed of the opportunities for applying the various funding schemes.


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