Processes of decisions-making in agriculture area are complex, requiring systematization, processing and analysis of large amounts of spatial information received from various sources. Exactly this feature of the agriculture business naturally determines the need of using GIS technology.

ESRI GIS software provides great opportunities for collecting, processing, integration, analysis and visualization of data, connected with the agriculture. The powerful tools of ESRI GIS technology provide the ability to:

•    Integrated information management for lands, owners and the specific characteristics of productive land
•    Integration and continuously update of the information for the productive quality of the land in order to protect and improve their performance
•    Integration and pursuit of property in different time periods, the terms of surrender or termination of the tenancy and their transfer
•    Planning and analysis of the agriculture, depending on soil and relief characteristics of various agriculture land
•    Analysis of the agriculture production on various factors affecting the quality and the yields of crops
•    Distribution of the production, logistics and trading with it
•    Analysis, modeling and developing of risk profiles
•    Others

Map for calculation of yield is used for planning and crop harvesting.


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