Media and press

Psychologists have found that the information is seen and understood most easily when it’s in a map form. That’s why the journalists and editors worldwide use ESRI GIS technologies for:

•    Creating graphic images, by which they can visualize their stories
•    Explore in depth, the necessary information to prepare their articles
•    Plan and conduct campanies
•    Doing researches
•    Others

Here’s what the experts in this field say:

•    Brant Houston, Knight Chair of Journalism, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, discusses the need for GIS in media and journalism to help reporters uncover information that helps them tell better stories.

•    Steve Doig, Knight Chair of Journalism at Arizona State University- presentation to the Media and Journalism Special Interest Group at the 2010 International ESRI User Conference.

•    Andrew Long, founder of Longcreative and former senior news artist at the Arizona Republic newspaper, talks about how GIS can add more visual punch and in-depth analysis to news and investigative stories.

Journalists talk about a new walkway in New York, as on a dynamic interactive map of Esri graphically presented plans for its expansion, and the status of its construction in real time.


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