Public Health

ESRI GIS technology is used by thousand organizations in the public health area, around the world. By providing powerful tools for collecting, storing, integrating, processing, visualizing and analyzing of health information, the Geographic Information Systems help making informed management decisions and improve the quality of health services provided.

The ESRI GIS platform has been accepted as a standard in World Health Organization and has been successfully used by:

•    More than 119 national health ministries around the world
•    85% of the health ministries in the EU
•    100% of all health departments in USA
•    Other organizations – the Red cross, UN, etc.

ESRI GIS software provides great opportunities for:

•    Tracking the spread of diseases, including the infections
•    Identify the most appropriate location for new hospitals and clinics on a search for a specific type of medical services based on demographic factor
•    Tracking the environmental pollution in order to protect nearby residents
•    Determining the degree of accessibility of patients to medical services
•    Survey of dependences and trends in various diseases
•    Tracking immunizations and preventive examinations by regions
•    Automatic preparation of maps for different epidemiological conditions
•    Many other

National Health Map of Bulgaria allows complex spatial analyzes of health care in the country, including the availability of any citizen to health care.


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