Defence and Intelligence

ESRI GIS technology is the key for different directions in the defense and intelligence area. Widely used by hundreds organizations and institutions around the world, including NATO, U.S. Government, number of power departments in Europe, the technology had proved its irreplaceable role in ensuring the national security.

Whether it is analysis of potential targets for terrorist acts, planning of military operations or geolocation of new intelligence center, ESRI GIS software is always part of the equation. ESRI GIS allows gathering, integrating and visualizing data from different resources, including multiple surveillance systems integration, vehicle tracking etc. Moreover, thanks to the powerful tools of ESRI, based on the collected data, establishes a common operational picture, based on which you can perform analyzes, simulating scenarios and taking informed decisions.

NATO uses Esri GIS as a main IT platform through which integrates information from different sources and systems.


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