Activities in waste management often turn out to big challenge. In addition to complying hygiene and environmental standards and strict control on the implementation, the need for optimization of the transport roads, more efficient organization of the schedule for waste disposal and reduce the costs of the management. All this leads to a need for a comprehensive solution. Precisely, ESRI provides a solution for this problem.

ESRI GIS technology allows the realization of efficient, intelligent waste management, allowing the collection and integration of the data from different sources, making spatial analysis, simulation of scenarios for making informed decisions.

The ESRI GIS platform supports waste management in all stages of the process, including:

•    Separation, temporary storage, collection, transport, recovery and disposal of the wastes
•    Implementation  of strategic planning
•    Management of waste landfills
•    Operation, management and maintenance of equipment and machinery
•    Environmental monitoring
•    Others

Suffolk County, England, optimize the routes and organize the garbage disposal through GIS, thereby save £ 180,000.


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