Fire Safety

The activities, related to the providing of fire safety, where every second counts, depend on the use of the modern GIS technologies. Geographic Information Systems of ESRI provides wide opportunities of:

•    Obtain integrated, comprehensive view over the situation in real time, including information for the location and the fire perimeter, the location of the recourses ( teams, firefighting vehicles, equipment etc.) the objects of the critical infrastructure and many others
•    Making different analysis, including analyzing the perimeter and the expansion of the fire, analyzing the time to send fire crews, etc.
•    Planning, allocation and fire crews management
•    Determination of the optimal routes of the firefighters
•    Simulation scenarios and risk assessment
•    Posting information on the web for awareness the population
•    Sharing the information in real time form the location of the fire, using mobile GIS software

By using Esri, Agency of fire safety in Baltimore analyzed the response time for fire alarm in different areas. The analysis shows that in case of fire in the area marked in yellow on the map, there will be a delay in the arrival of the fire trucks at the fire.


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