To be competitive on the market, each company in the telecommunications area should manage efficiently its telecommunication network and provide the most advanced services. The telecommunications companies collecting, processing and managing a large amount of data on the assets and customers, plan future network, perform complex analyzes and reports.

To be effective, they need a common operational picture – on the field, in front of the PC or in the boardroom. The companies integrate many CAD drawings, spreadsheets and paper maps, to document the telecommunications infrastructure and implement a new, modern approach.

Using ESRI GIS-based solutions, the companies mapping, plan, design and manage the telecommunication infrastructure engineering with the fastest possible access to the necessary information.

ESRI GIS solutions are using by many telecommunications companies around the world for:

•    Passporting the entire telecommunications infrastructures
•    Perform complex analyzes and reports in real time, including tracking of optical paths, perform spatial and route analysis, locating objects on the network based on spatial signs, etc.
•    Optimize and improve the planning process of the telecommunications networks
•    Optimizations of the work processes on the working field
•    Many others

One of the leading Colombian telecommunications companies use Esri GIS to effectively manage their network. Map provides an analysis of the usage of each service box by region and network centers.


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