In the commercial business, location is very important. Where should you find a new store or branch circuit? Where is the competition? Where are my target customers? Where should I offer premium or standard class products? The informed answer of these questions allows us to deliver the necessary products and services on the right place, at the best price, so as to respond the market demands and maximize our incomes.

The key for achieving this is to gather and analyze the datasets. That’s why the leading retail companies use ESRI GIS technology to process and analyze these data – starting point for developing successful business strategies. From a market segmentation research, through determining target groups, tracking and managing of new objects to establishing distribution channels and conducting marketing campaingns, etc. ESRI GIS technology has proven itself over the years, as the necessary IT tool for trades and marketing.

Esri Business Analyst helps business organizations to manage their business, thanks to the wide range of the possibilities for geoanalysis that the platform provides.


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