Facility Management

Facility management experts increasingly include GIS in the IT tools, by which they manage buildings and facilities. The reason is hidden in the fact that spatial location of the objects is very important for the facility management. Therefore, the ESRI GIS technology is in a central place in the facility management business processes for the last years because:

•    Enables an interactive displaying of buildings and facilities in real space
•    Improves the process of gathering the information, its effective management and usage
•    Leads to more efficient planning and analysis
•    Facilitates the sharing of information with other users
•    Many others

Facility Optimization

The planning and the adequate management of each property – office, store, school or business park – are a challenge.
Managers should be aware at any time of:

•    What is the condition of the object?
•    What costs are necessary for the maintenance of the buildings? Which areas need to be repaired?
•    Is there a suitable land for new construction at a good price?
•    What technical facilities will be moved and which routes are the best for delivery?
•    How can the CD drawings and databases with graphical information to be more reliable and integrated with other relevant information?

GIS using is necessary to answer to all these questions. ESRI GIS technology improves data gathering, analysis, managing and distribution, allows informed decision making and increases the quality of  work that is done.

Building Positioning

GIS is still the most preferred tool for positioning of a new building. The technology provides optimal positioning for supermarket, distribution center, office building, store, school etc.,  using power modeling tools and making complex spatial analyzes.

Business Systems Integration

ESRI GIS technology allows integration with the most used business systems while providing data transfer in over 70 forms. All this turns ESRI GIS into preferred technology in the area of facility management, because it allows:

•    Facility management software integration, including ARHIBUS, TRIGIDA and IBM Maximo
•    ERP systems, SAP etc. integration
•    CAD systems (including number with AutoCAD) integration
•    GIS-CAD-BIM data exchange (ESRI Data Interoperability extension supports more than 70 forms of data)
•    Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC), Web Map Services for data sharing
•    Web services via SOAP/REST endpoints

Project Management

GIS supports workflows and applications, including planning of large spaces, construction management, utility planning and many others.

Using 3D GIS allows users to "click" in the buildings to enter, visualize and analyze the necessary information on the relevant drawings and plans.


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