Central and Local Government

The bodies of state and local government are required to work with the speed and efficiency of the private business, and usually the fact that they are faced with complex policy and regulatory issues, is not recorded. Here comes the ESRI GIS technology. It supports the state government to increase the work efficiency, decrease the costs and improve customer services.

GIS is the efficient software tool for explaining and analyzing events, predicting results and planning strategies. From cadaster and theory management, urbanization and municipal property, to e-services, infrastructure, tourism, natural recourses and emergency management. ESRI GIS enables public authorities to pursue their activities more effective and transparent. Therefore, the issue in front of them is no longer can they afford GIS, but can they afford not to apply this technology?

ESRI GIS decisions support the central and local government, by giving powerful tools for:

•    Collection, integration, processing, analysis and visualizing of various information
•    Automated interaction and communication between the different departments and authorities
•    Reduce the duplication of activities
•    Taking informed management decisions
•    Ensuring regulatory compliance

„Aktiven.BG” - the first initiative of its kind in Bulgaria to implement in practice the modern concept of effective and transparent governance in dialogue with citizens.


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