ArcGIS Online is now in Bulgarian and with a free version

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Do you know how ArcGIS Online, the most comprehensive and easy-to-use web GIS software, can help your business?

From creating maps with just a few clicks, to performing multiple analyzes in minutes, to creating web GIS applications without the need for programming. These are just a few of the hundreds of features that ArcGIS Online provides. Now in Bulgarian.

Do you need additional data from authoritative sources? ArcGIS Online will provide you with access to the Living Atlas of the World – the world’s richest collection of ready-to-use maps, data, and applications for every field, including Bulgaria. The platform will provide you with a wide range of basic maps, including satellite, topographic, 3D, and many others. Working on common projects and sharing data and maps in ArcGIS Online is easier and faster than ever.

You can use ArcGIS Online in two ways:

  • Free version (Public account), which allows you to create and work with maps using your data or those from Living Atlas, to create web GIS applications, share them with other users, and much more.
  • Annual subscription service, which in addition to the capabilities of the free version, provides the opportunity for online spatial, network, statistical, and other analysis, as well as work in a common online GIS environment for many users simultaneously.

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Sign up for the course to learn how to work with the basic features of the free version of ArcGIS Online. The course covers 8 hours, including practical exercises and help from the teacher. The training is suitable for anyone who has no experience with Geographic Information Systems or has basic experience with other GIS software and wants to get acquainted with the possibilities of the free version of ArcGIS Online.

Build skills to work with the paid version of ArcGIS Online and learn how to use it in your business. The course covers 32 lessons. hours, including many practical exercises and help from the teacher. It is suitable for anyone who wants to acquire more in-depth knowledge and technical skills to work with the paid version of ArcGIS Online.

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