“GIS is a wide-ranging and dynamic field”

Blitz interview with Kamelia Spahiyska, GIS and database intern at Esri Bulgaria

Summer is approaching, and with it the favorite time for Kamelia Spahiyska, who loves camping in the wild in the company of her two dogs. Kara dere’s lack of city noise and an uninterrupted Internet connection don’t bother her when she can read history books about World War II.
Kamelia is 25 years old from the city of Plovdiv and is a graduate engineer in geodesy.
For GIS, she admits that they are an intersection of her love of nature, mathematics, passion for history and a scientific view of the world around us.

You chose an internship at Esri Bulgaria because…
The company provides an opportunity to upgrade skills and knowledge through work on real projects and a large resource of courses.

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How would you describe the internship in up to 5 words?
Developing, practical, logical, diverse, fulfilling.

What are the 3 things you like most about him?
• The opportunity to encounter real case studies from current projects;
• The variety of tasks that they predispose to breaking the working frameworks;
• The experience of discovering different solutions on your own.

Tell us about your mentor in 3 words:
Library, experienced, motivated.

What did you learn about GIS?
I learned about new data analytics, classification technologies, new approaches to data presentation – dashboards, online maps, new approaches to data collection – Survey123.

The most important skills you learned during your internship are…
I learned new processes for data classifications. I also learned approaches to data migration and extracting the maximum attribute information from different source file types, creating symbols using Esri fonts, checking the performed processes, processing raster data.

How do you feel as an intern in our team?
I feel great in the Esri Bulgaria team. Everyone is friendly and very helpful.

How did he change from the person before the internship?
After the internship, the person is motivated to apply the acquired skills and knowledge in the work process. I also see a great development in my logical views. I think the internship made me more confident and independent.

What do you dream of?
For career development and opportunities to explore the world.

To whom would you recommend a career in GIS?
To everyone who has ambitions and a desire to develop, because GIS is a wide-ranging and dynamic field in which everyone can find an application and a job.

Do you believe that GIS technologies are changing the world?
I believe. GIS technologies for me are the future because we see how every day the world is taking steps towards a more innovative way of life. And this is exactly the definition of GIS technologies. They enable the use of advanced technologies and strategies that make life easier. They improve man’s understanding of nature and his attitude towards the environment.