GIS map tracks the progress in the development of vaccines against COVID-19

The world’s first coronavirus vaccine tracker is now just a click away.

20 November 2020 - ESRI Bulgaria, the leading company in the field of geospatial technologies in Bulgaria, has created a dynamic GIS map that collects all information about vaccines against COVID-19 in one place. The map is in Bulgarian and allows everyone to follow the progress in the development of the officially announced vaccines, to get acquainted with the latest news about them, as well as a number of other details. The map was presented for the first time during an online conference marking the World GIS Day earlier this week.

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker” answers the most frequently asked questions, including – where in the world scientists produce vaccines, their total number, and which of them have reached the end of the testing phase. The map is interactive and easy to use, as the information is presented visually in separate thematic boards. With just a few clicks, anyone can learn basic information about the types of vaccines scientists are working on and understand what test phases each must go through before reaching the pharmacies. In another 4 tabs are presented the vaccines themselves, combined according to the phase of readiness. One way to accelerate vaccine development is to combine the phases. Therefore, the tracker takes into account the combined ones, for example, phase 1/2, showing the manufacturers in both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

vaccine tracker bg

The dynamic map integrates information from the authoritative American daily “The New York Times”, which follows the topic in development. The cloud ESRI GIS platform ArcGIS Online was used for the development of the web map.

At this time, nearly 44 vaccines have been registered in the human clinical trial phase and more than 90 preclinical vaccines are inactive animal testing. Not all vaccines will be developed in the common injection format. Some of them are in the form of pills, while others are planned to be administered by means of electrical impulses. More useful information can be found on the Esri map here.