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Blitz interview with Neda Maneva, Marketing intern at Esri Bulgaria

Since 2022, Neda Maneva is a student majoring in “Business Logistics” at the University of National and World Economy. He dreams of a professional realization related to the development of Bulgaria in an economic, cultural and social aspect.
The 20-year-old from Plovdiv shares about herself: “I like to plan and structure my work, but at the same time I also like spontaneous ideas on a personal level – bungee jumping, camping in the mountains, a picnic in nature or a trip to an interesting place.” I love getting to know new places and cultures, and talking to people about the passion that ‘drives them forward.’”

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You chose an internship at Esri Bulgaria because…
It gives a unique opportunity to develop your skills, working on real projects in a successful and innovative company.
How would you describe the internship in up to 5 words?
Interesting, interactive, useful, diverse, promising.
What are the three things you like most about the internship?
The variety of tasks, working with the team, development opportunities.
Tell us about your mentor in 3 words:
Active, balanced, motivator.
What did you learn about GIS?
I learned more about the functionalities and integration of GIS and how comprehensive the application of GIS technologies is.
The most important skills you learned during your internship are…
Time management, working with new for me platforms and tools for organizing the work process, for email campaigns and creating digital content, as well as my communication skills.
How do you feel as an intern in the Esri Bulgaria team?
I feel very good – I can easily talk to others and ask if something is not clear to me. I know I will be understood and counseled.
How did you change from the person before the internship?
I became more confident in myself and realized that everything cannot always be perfect.
What do you dream of?
For successful career development, healthy family and getting to know the world.
To whom would you recommend a career in GIS?
To every person with an interest in innovation, technology and the desire to solve problems of any nature.
Do you believe that GIS technologies are changing the world?
I believe because GIS technologies really give a lot of useful and applicable information in every field. Using GIS, natural resource management, urban planning and health care are optimized. With powerful spatial data visualization and analysis tools that help governments, organizations and people make better and more informed decisions, therefore improving the quality of life.