The cleaning actions of “Let’s clean Bulgaria together” are starting and they will be marked on Esri map

Esri Bulgaria was chosen again for  technical partner by the largest volunteer initiative in our country

Sofia, 14th of May, 2021 – On Family Day, the socially responsible project „The Good Example” of bTV Media Group launches this year’s iconic campaign for cleaning Bulgaria. The opening actions for cleaning and improvement, part of the initiative “Let’s clean Bulgaria together”, will be held on May 15 at 10:00 am – in the area around Lake Pancharevo near Sofia and Danov Hill in Plovdiv. The initiative is organized with the support of the Municipality – Pancharevo region and the association “BG Be Active” and the Municipality of Plovdiv. Popular people from the tv screen, will participate as well as many young and old supporters of the cause for pure nature. Each volunteer will be able to mark the action in which he participates and the place he cleaned on a digital map developed by Esri Bulgaria.

Get involved with your family, colleagues, friends or individually and you will have the opportunity to pass on the good example by marking the place you have cleaned. Also, you will be able to upload photos for comparison before and after the cleaning and additional information such as a description of the action, organizer, area, etc. The card is already active on the website of the initiative:

web map showing Bulgaria

By marking cleaning and upgrading actions on the web map, different types of users such as individuals, families, schools, government administrations and others can share good practices and ideas for waste reduction and inspire more people through their example. Cleaning, upgrading and afforestation initiatives across the country will continue in the upcoming months until September 18, when volunteers from all over the world will have the opportunity to be part of World CleanUp Day 2021 again and report on the results achieved.

In addition to the combination of easy information sharing and intuitive user experience that the digital map brings to users, Esri Bulgaria also provides a specialized back office GIS system. The organizers can process the submitted information, make inquiries, and analyze and more.
Similar web maps of Esri Bulgaria were used for the previous editions of the emblematic initiative “Let’s clean Bulgaria together”, assisting both the volunteers in the cleaning and the organizers in the coordination, logistics and reporting of the initiative. The result after the marked actions was impressive – thousands of polluted places and dumps all over Bulgaria were cleaned.

Our team warmly accepted the invitation of bTV Media Group 8 years ago to contribute with technology and know-how to achieve the ambitious goal of the initiative and we are glad that every year the map helps for better coordination and cooperation between all volunteers, organizers , partners. I believe that at the end of the campaign we will have a record green web map of cleaned places and good practices for waste reduction.“, said Evgenia Karadzhova, Manager of Esri Bulgaria.

The Esri GIS platform helps in solving some of the most complex problems in the world, including in the field of environmental protection, by providing innovative tools based on science and innovation to help positive change.