ESRI Bulgaria with an award for sustainable policies in COVID-19

The company was honored for the social GIS projects it developed to combat the pandemic.

02 October 2020 – In the competition for the “Greenest Companies in Bulgaria” ESRI Bulgaria received recognition for the overall social policy it implements in support of the efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic in the country. For the 10th consecutive year, b2b Media awarded companies, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and individuals with special merits in caring for the environment, and this year the competition was supplemented with new categories related to the challenges of 2020.

The award was given to ESRI Bulgaria for the complex of GIS applications that the company has developed in line with the needs of society and institutions to receive important information and spatial analysis for the development of the pandemic in our country.

Esri Bulgaria Award

At the beginning of March this year, the company’s team developed a specialized web GIS application in order to provide a clear visual picture of the situation in the country. The application was intended to reflect the information of the National Operational Headquarters for Combating Coronavirus, which traditionally was announced orally. As a sign of solidarity with the efforts of the Bulgarian institutions and as part of its policy for social engagement, ESRI Bulgaria implements the GIS part of the “National System for Coronavirus Control in Bulgaria“, including the Unified Information Portal for Coronavirus. The system is a useful tool for citizens and is being actively used by a number of institutions, including laboratories, hospitals, doctors, etc.

The GIS applications continue to be maintained and developed so as to contribute to the better public awareness on the subject. The company’s aim is for everyone to have access to up-to-date information, and to be able to follow the development of the pandemic at any time, with just a few clicks.


In its efforts to counteract the effects of the crisis and as part of its social policy, ESRI Bulgaria also stood behind the mission for an active lifestyle. The company joined the largest initiative in this field in our country “Nestle for Live Actively!“. As the main technological partner, it provided specialized GIS applications to make the experience of the participants more interactive and safe. At the same time, the event was monitored entirely in real-time, through a specialized ArcGIS dashboard, which allowed the organizers to monitor the density of people on each of the routes to avoid crowds.