Esri Bulgaria with an honorary plaque for partner of “Let’s clean up Bulgaria together”

Since the beginning of the largest volunteer initiative in our country, nearly 2,500,000 volunteers have collected garbage with a volume equal to more than 200 fully loaded Boeing 747 airplanes

On July 22, a meeting was held in the “Toplocentrala” art center on the occasion of this year’s 10th anniversary edition of an initiative to clean up unregulated landfills, organized by bTV. The host of the opening event was Mrs. Yordanka Fandakovа, Mayor of Sofia, who shared: “Today the most important topic is not just to collect waste, but to collect it separately!”.

During the ceremony, it was noted that based on the results achieved in the thousands of cleaning, beautification and reforestation actions in 2019, the initiative received global recognition for uniting the largest number of volunteers per capita in the name of the green idea – 6 .2%, among 180 countries participating in the great cleaning of the planet World Clean Up Day. Since the beginning of “Let’s clean Bulgaria together” so far, according to the Ministry of Economy, volunteers have managed to collect 94,338 tons of waste, which is equivalent to over 200 fully loaded Boeing 747 airplanes, and to remove over 18,800 landfills from the territory of Bulgaria.


Both 2,500,000 citizens who responded to the noble idea and more than 350 organizations that partnered with the event contributed to this incredible success. Some of them received special thank-you plaques for their participation in “Let’s Clean Bulgaria”. Among these several organizations is Esri Bulgaria!

Esri Bulgaria is a long-standing partner of the nature conservation initiative, and by providing innovative GIS software solutions, supports the good organization of the event and the reporting of its results through interactive maps, geolocation applications, data analysis, processing and visualization tools, etc.


The 2022 volunteer campaign is scheduled for September 17, World Cleanup Day, and will support the causes of the world’s largest civic movement, Let’s Do It World. This year, the largest national voluntary initiative in our country – “Let’s clean Bulgaria together” will be held under the title “Give nature a hand”. It is aimed at personal responsibility and contribution in caring for the cleanliness of the planet, the future and the education of children.