“the Earth under eye”

Esri platform support for the joint actions in solving environmental problems.

During the Summit, “Earth under eye” Esri will present how the GIS cloud help to create an international geospatial platform for sharing environmental data and modeling solutions. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton,the president of Esri – Jack Dangermond and the director of the European Environment Agency (EEA), Jacqueline McGlade will join other respected official guests and speakers to discuss the importance of access to data for making international cooperation and sustainable solutions to protect the environment. The network “Earth under eye” will be presented during the meeting, which will take place in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), 12-15 December 2011 Esri, Microsoft and the European Environment Agency have joined their experience and expertise to modernize “Earth under eye” with cloudy-based system for managing geospatial content on the model of ArcGIS Online. The network “Earth under eye” already provides tools for creating maps, access to thousands of ready-to-use maps and spatial data sets and options to manage geospatial content. Users can use the network to share content with the public and among certain groups or for personal use. Governmental institutions, research organizations, NGOs and the public can use the network to work together and understand better the problems, develop policies, build plans and take action. Moreover, configured in a cloud network laid the foundation for the creation of such platforms for the environment and in other regions.

“People are really concerned about the environment, but often they do not have the opportunity to participate in politics and to promote change,” said Dangermond. “By providing access to information on environmental and socio-economic development of many people network “Earth under eye ” will be the catalyst for greater dialogue. We believe that people will become more active, getting the opportunity for better understanding the issues and actively participate in decision making.”

Esri technology ArcGIS Online, with Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure allows the European Environment Agency to maintain and develop this platform. GIS Web applications help the different groups of users to create and share map services, to analyze and publish geospatial products. During the meeting, experts will demonstrate the capabilities of the network “Earth under eye” in terms of civic engagement and activity and the collaborative coordinated action to tackle environmental problems.

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