Play clean with GIS technologies from ESRI

Specialized GIS technologies help participants in the seventh edition of “Let`s Clean Bulgaria Together” win “green points”

Sofia, 20 September 2017 – More than 305,400 people united by the motto “Play clean! Bulgaria One Team” participated in the launch of the national initiative “Let’s Clear Bulgaria Together“. The day of the big cleaning this year, September 16th, marks not the end of the campaign, but the beginning of an eco-competition.

 “Let’s Clear Bulgaria Together” continues until the end of the year with a competition for marking “green points” on the campaign`s map. On the specialized web map developed by ESRI Bulgaria, the participants can mark points and share good ideas and practices that eliminate waste or make valuable things from it.

Based on the latest ESRI GIS technologies the map helps participants register teams and facilitates the submission of their location data. In the form of comments, participants can also send information about the good practices they apply, attach pictures and view all these on the map.

As the main technology partner of the campaign, ESRI Bulgaria has also developed a specialized back-office system through which the organizers can review and validate the information submitted by the participants. The system allows them to conduct queries and analyzes throughout the whole period of the campaign. This enables them to monitor the public interest and to be accurate when planning the resources and activities of the initiative.

The categories in which the participants will compete in the competition for green points are an individual participant, kindergarten, school, company/organization, administrative area. At the end of the year, the title “Clean Game” will be awarded along with many other gifts.


The statistics from the web map on the first day of the campaign indicate that the total number scored in the country is 1170 points. Among the administrative areas that collected the most “green points” are Sofia-city, Sofia region, Razgrad, and Blagoevgrad. Top places take also the administrative areas of Targovishte, Pleven, and Varna. Every cleaned and marked place on September 16 gives point in the final standings of the teams. By choosing a sports concept, organizers strive to achieve long-term and sustainable results, namely maintaining a clean environment, identifying good practices for generating so-called ” zero waste and help connect young people with nature.