ESRI interactive maps tell stories from Sochi

ESRI has developed a series of maps track medals, present venues and tell about controversies during the Olympics.

Sofia, 11th of February 2014  –  ESRI, the world leading GIS company, presented on the occasion of the XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi series of interactive maps based on Storymap application and ArcGIS technology platform. Providing geostatistical information, the maps are used for tourist guide and are telling interesting stories about the Olympics.

At Winter Olympics Live Medal Tracker not only delegated sports journalists, but any fan of winter sports, are able to trace on the world map in real time the won medals and in which sport they are achieved.

With Sochi Olympic Venues  users can visit all sports facilities in Sochi, a total of 11, learn about their capacity and games that take place in them … and all these without viewers to leave their seats in front of their computer screens. The map was developed based on high-quality winter satellite images of the area, provided by the Department for defense and space research of Airbus Group – Airbus Defence and Space.

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The interest in the notorious episodes pertaining to the Olympics provoked ESRI to create the map Оlympic Controversies, Scandals and Stardom. It tells 20 stories of boycotts, discrimination against women, doping scandals, violence and corruption dated from the first games in ancient times till nowadays.