“I want to close the perfect circle of GIS skills”

Interview with Denis Antiev, participant in the “Spring Internship Program” 2022 of Esri Bulgaria

Denis Antiev recently passed with a very good result his state exam for bachelor’s degree in Geography at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”. But although he has long been interested in this particular science, Dennis did not immediately turn to this study. As he told us – first he studied for a year something that did not particularly excite him…
I spent two semesters and eventually decided to give up this study and study what I want – geography. And I wanted not just to study my favorite science, but to acquire knowledge and skills with which to make money from it one day. I enrolled in geography at Sofia University and the first year I was quite hesitant, because I also liked the natural sciences: geomorphology, climatology and those for the formation of relief, geology was also interesting to me. But then, when I took out some of the electives for GIS – I knew what was coming! Then – every elective subject that was with GIS, I recorded it. It was interesting to me. And my master’s degree will certainly be GIS!