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In continuation of its long-standing active activity to support the protection of the environment, the preservation of biological diversity, the fight against climate change and the sustainable development of societies through the power of GIS technologies, Esri will support Bulgarian non-profit organizations that work in the environmental sector as their provided free of charge specialized GIS software, content and resources for their needs.

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Join the global community of nonprofits that are using the power of ArcGIS to conserve the planet’s biodiversity and protect its natural resources.

The nonprofit grant initiative will provide recipients with the following ArcGIS licenses:

  • One (1) GIS Professional User ( ArcGIS Pro)
  • One (1) Creator Named User
  • Two (2) Editor Named Users
  • Two (2) Mobile Worker Named Users
  • Two (2) Viewer Named Users
  • Access to ArcGIS Living Atlas of the world
  • Access to Esri training
  • Access to the global Esri community

Non-profit organizations working in the field of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity can apply for the mentioned free GIS software through this program. The application deadline is January 31, 2023. Grant winners will be announced in two phases: on November 17, 2022 for those who submitted their application by October 31, 2022, and on February 28, 2023, for the rest.

Criteria for evaluating applicants include the organization’s focus on environmentally focused activities, working in partnership with the educational, academic and/or government sector, and a clearly defined concept for the use of GIS.