Who’s who at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Esri’s dashboard integrates in one place maps, statistics and information for all participants in the championship

Did you know that the most players in this championship (158 players or 19.04% of all) play for clubs in England, which is almost twice as many as the representatives of the second country in the ranking according to this criterion – Spain?

Or the fact that none of the players in Senegal’s squad play for a club in their home country, while all of the host nation’s internationals compete for Qatari clubs.

Do you want to know who is the youngest player in this championship with the most goals scored so far in his career?

World Cup Qatar 2022 Map

The web dashboard created by Esri provides an answer to these and many other questions. On an interactive map with related charts and statistics, all the information about the players and teams in the championship is visible. This way you can quickly and easily make a reference for each player, including their age, origin, club and country they compete for, number of goals scored and more and more.

In addition to all the useful statistics, the dashboard also makes it possible to view the information on an interactive map – with the option to choose a base map and to filter what is presented on the screen, only for an individual group or for the different countries involved in the big sport event.

You will find the dashboard at