ESRI International User Conference

More than 16,000 GIS users joined in the largest GIS forum in the world.

Where you are GIS! Under this heading passed the 32 th International Esri User Conference, which was held in the Congress Center of San Diego, California from 23 to 27 July. The event attracted a record number of participants – over 16 000 GIS users worldwide, and proved once again that GIS technology is a key IT tool for almost every area of the economy, including central and local government, cadastre, environmental engineering infrastructure , regional development, transport, agriculture, defense, telecommunications, health, education and more.


“Esri User Conference is a unique opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with experts in different fields from many parts of the world. You meet people that subsequently collaborate and exchange ideas on common GIS applications – an opportunity that would not only not be utilized, but would not think it exists. Because GIS opens up new horizons. Opens the world. ” Said one of the thousands of participants in the conference. In fact Esri conference is where GIS users from all over the world gather to share their experiences, learn about the latest developments in the field of geospatial technologies and initiate new partnerships.


This year,in front of the thousands participants in the plenary session, president of Esri, Inc., Jack Dangermond, GIS welcomes the community and share his vision for the development of GIS technology. “Until recently, GIS was organizing our data, it is time to share these data and GIS functionality. Can this be done on a global scale? Advances in computing, web, mobile devices, real-time measurements and GIS software makes this possible. And not only can, but must, because only in this way we are able to manage our business, our environment and the world at all to informed, effective and sustainable. “

By tradition, in the Esri User conference were given awards for special achievements in the field of geographic information systems. Winners were more than 170 organizations for their vision, leadership, hard work and innovation in the use of ESRI GIS technology.

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