ESRI President Honoured with UN Top Award

Jack Dangermond, founder of ESRI, the world leading GIS company, was recognized for his contribution to geosciences for the sustainable development of the planet.


Sofia, October 1, 2013 – Founder and President of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Jack Dangermond received the 2013 Champions of the Earth Award, the UN highest environmental accolade. Dangermond pioneered the use of GIS and revolutionized the use of geospatial technology for environment protection.

For 40 years under Jack Dangermond’s leadership, ESRI has provided scientists and ecologists with tools to study and model how the environment is responding to natural and man-made factors. More than 5,000 environmental organizations worldwide use GIS software and training from ESRI each year.

“We have been privileged to work for nearly 40 years supporting various UN initiatives from environment and agriculture to humanitarian and statistical missions. The use of GIS has changed the way people understand our world. I am very appreciative of this acknowledgement because it illustrates the increasing recognition of the role geosciences is playing in the global evolution,” said Jack Dangermond.

“I have the honour to personally know Jack Dangermond and I think that this award is recognition for the leadership and vision, with which he created the world of GIS as it is today, so that we can guide our planet to a better future. People like Jack are the leaders of our century, who accelerate transformations with their actions and policies, and are a bright example for us to follow in Bulgaria,” said Evgenia Karadzhova, Manager of ESRI Bulgaria.

The team of ESRI Bulgaria has implemented large-scale GIS projects for environment conservation in the country. Among these are the development and implementation of the management systems of the ecology network of protected areas NATURA 2000, system for access and monitoring of water management, and the National Biodiversity Monitoring System in Bulgaria. ESRI Bulgaria supplies GIS software for monitoring and studying endangered bird species to the “Green Balkans” conservancy, and to the Pirin, Rila and Vitosha national parks.