Reports of irregularities

Municipalities and utility companies joined the initiative for better communication with the public, based on the latest GIS technologies.

Aktiven.BG is a new initiative that offers alternative for citizens to report irregularities. The project was initiated by ESRI Bulgaria with official partners: the National Association of Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria and the Council for Sustainable Development and the media support of Radio Vitosha.

The purpose of Aktiven.BG is to enable residents to actively participate in improving the living conditions in their areas, giving timely and specific information about the failings noted by them.

Through a special mobile application or via the website citizens can give signals of detected irregularities to the relevant responsible institutions or organizations. The citizens register irregularity ( dangerous building, fallen pillar, a broken bench, water leaks, dangling wires), indicating the location on the map, give a brief description and photographs, if it’s available.

The website and the mobile application are common to all institutions and organizations involved in the project. Depending on the territory of which organization is registered a signal the notification is submitted to the responsible person. Thereby it provides an opportunity to receive real-time signals for different types of irregularities.

The responsible persons committing themselves to monitoring the received signals and reflecting the status of the processing of the website. The system allows for priority treatment of certain signals, depending on the type of irregularity.

The citizens, issued the alert can not only monitor its status on the website but also receive email on activities performed to correct deficiencies. This in turn leads to improved communication between the public and the administration.

In this way the public organizations involved in the initiative, become even more open to the citizens realize modern management concept, in which the administration listens to citizens and shows that if they are concerned about the environment and when they see the problem forward it, and do not pass over, then there is someone to respond and our country more attractive place to live.

The first ones who get in the intiative were 7 municipalities (Plovdiv, Bourgas, Pleven, Dobrich, Lovech, Gotse Delchev and Belogradchik) and two utility companies (“Water supply and sewerage” Ltd. – Varna and “Water supply and sewerage” Ltd. – Rousse). Plovdiv Municipality is going to present the initiative to the people of the city on Monday (4 July 2011) at 10.00 am in the Conference Hall at square “Stefan Stambolov” 1. There will be announced specific areas where Plovdiv residents will be able to directly control its administration via the Internet, providing alerts and recommendations.

The project is carried out for free by ESRI Bulgaria as part of the global initiative of ESRI Inc. Aktiven.BG platform is based on the latest ESRI GIS technology applicable in hundreds of crowd sourcing initiatives worldwide in the field of environmental protection, biodiversity, crisis management and rescue, health, pacification operations, civil initiatives, etc. .

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