Johns Hopkins University and NASA will be part of the GIS Day in Bulgaria

Web GIS application for monitoring the progress in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19 worldwide will be presented at the event.

Sofia, 12 November 2020 ­–  An online conference will be held in Bulgaria on November 18 on the occasion of the World Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day, where leading international and Bulgarian experts will present the latest developments, solutions, and good practices in the field of geospatial technologies and their application in the coronavirus pandemic and crisis management, environment, security, engineering infrastructure, urban planning and development, and much more.

One of the main highlights of the forum’s program will be the implementation of GIS in support of efforts to combat Covid-19. Among the international speakers who will take part in this session is Ensheng Dong – the creator of the popular dashboard of the Johns Hopkins University used worldwide to trace the spread of the virus. He will showcase his experience and good practices in the application of GIS for monitoring and analysis of the pandemic. The conference will also present the web GIS application created by Esri Bulgaria for monitoring the progress in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19 worldwide. With its help, anyone can follow the officially announced vaccines around the world, check the phase that each vaccine has reached, and learn a number of other details with just a few clicks.

In this year’s edition of the conference, we`ll have the pleasure to welcome the President of Esri, Jack Dungermond – one of the initiators of the World GIS Day and winner of numerous awards and prizes for his contributions in the field of Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Environment, and Planning, including 13 honorary degrees. He will present the latest features and trends in the development of GIS technologies, as well as their practical application for the needs of various fields.

Another leading topic in the conference will be GIS for Disaster Management, where Dr. David Green, NASA Program Director, will present the products, solutions, and services of NASA’s disaster program and the possibilities for their use by Bulgarian institutions and organizations.

GIS Day 2020 in Bulgaria

The host and official organizer of the event is Esri Bulgaria – the company that this year celebrates 25 years since its establishment. In this regard, Evgenia Karadjova, founder and manager of ESRI Bulgaria will present good practices and opportunities for GIS implementation in response to various challenges in Bulgaria. Traditionally, the online conference will feature demonstrations of the technological capabilities of Geographic Information Systems for the needs of cadastre, environment, utilities, telecom, health, security and public order, local government, territorial development, transport, e-government and others.

“For more than 20 years, we at Esri Bulgaria, together with our partners, have been developing and validating the World GIS Day in the country. This year, facing the coronavirus pandemic and many other challenges, we will once again mark GIS Day, along with more than 70 other countries, showing how GIS technologies are increasingly used in all areas of modern society, how they help us fight for a good and sustainable world for us, the people and the globe in general”, said Evgenia Karadjova, General Manager of Esri Bulgaria and added: “Today time requires us to work in cooperation in the field of GIS, in support of society and for a better future. “

More information can be found on the event website here.