ESRI Bulgaria with the first prize for Aktiven.BG

BBLF awarded ESRI Bulgaria with a prize for best social policy at the annual awards for responsible business.

BBLFOn February 23, 2012. at the Sheraton Hotel was distributed IX Annual awards for corporate social responsibility in Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.This year the jury had a difficult task to select the winners from more than 60 projects competing in 6 categories. For the third year in a row chairman of the jury was Mrs. Mariya Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia and members of the committee were invited representatives of the business, government and NGOs media, including Mr. Mladenov, Minister of Labour and social Policy, Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov, President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Hon. Kore Anson, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, Mrs. Vicky Politova, CEO of bTV Media Group and many others. The purpose of the annual awards for socially responsible business is to show that successful business and investment in the community go together, and to demonstrate the best examples supporting this idea. The criteria on which winners were defined are: benefit to society, working in partnership with other organizations, involvement of the company in the implementation of projects, duration and consistency of initiative, innovation and evaluation by the public.

In the category of comprehensive social policy of small and medium enterprise, the jury this year determine the winner ESRI Bulgaria with the project Aktiven.BG. Aktiven.BG is the first initiative of its kind in Bulgaria, which stands on the latest Esri GIS technology for effective citizen participation in the local government. It provides to citizens an alternative to actively participate in improving the living conditions in their areas, submit timely and specific information about their noted failings (dangerous buildings, playgrounds, garbage, street potholes, icicles, and many others) by using special online platform Included in the initiative organizations commit themselves to monitor the received signal and coverage status of the processing of the website. In this way, public organizations are open to citizens, realizing in practice the modern concept of e-governance based on effective two-way communication with civil society.

NagradaAktiven.BG project has a very positive impact in the public domain. Every day more people join the initiative as report the irregularities. The number of participants in the social program public organizations is increasing. The project is not only a good example of a comprehensive social policy, it is also a step towards to the realization of a more efficient, more transparent and especially more adequate management. Management, in which individuals are the driving force.

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