ArcGIS 10.2 is now in Bulgaria!

Whether you’re a GIS expert, an app developer, a business pro, or a student, the new ArcGIS will improve your ability to make a difference through mapping and analysis


A new pattern for delivering GIS capabilities, Web GIS facilitates the implementation of ArcGIS as a platform in your organization.

  • Enable more people to easily build maps that work seamlessly across different devices
  • Reduce the need to create custom applications with included ready-to-use applications and templates
  • Integrate GIS more easily with other business systems such as IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, or SAP
  • Access vast collections of ready-to-use maps (basemaps, demographic, terrain, etc.) and GIS services
  • Use Web GIS as a content management system to organize, secure, and facilitate access to GIS products

1_Portal for Arcgis

Real-time GIS

Transform your everyday mapping applications into frontline decision apps with two new products: GeoEvent Processor, a new extension for ArcGIS for Server, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, a ready-to-go app that allows you to create operational views of live data.

  • Connect to virtually any sensor or streaming data source, including social media
  • Process the data in real-time so that you can extract only the relevant events that you want to pay attention to
  • Monitor multiple, dynamic events, while automatically updating your maps and databases and sending alerts
  • Reveal the telemetry of your real-time data via maps, lists, charts, gauges, and more based on your web maps .

Esri Maps for Office

Location Analytics

Access ArcGIS in business systems, including MicroStrategy and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Esri Maps for Office, Esri Maps for IBM Cognos and Esri Maps for SharePoint will be updated. Also, the next generation of Business Analyst Online and Community Analyst will be available. These apps will have significant enhancements such as

  • New, streamlined user interfaces and key features that improve efficiency
  • Additional data for many countries outside of the United States
  • Localized interfaces in nine languages including English


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