ArcGIS 10.4 – the Most Powerful GIS platform is Here

Many new products, expanded functionality, increased performance and security. All that is fact with the latest version of the world’s leading GIS platform – ArcGIS. From powerful specialised GIS solutions to light and easy to use GIS applications, ArcGIS 10.4 will meet all your needs.

Desktop GIS

With ArcGIS 10.4 Esri provides the most powerful desktop GIS platform developed until now. Almost 30 new tools for geo processing, easy and intuitive work in 2D and 3D simultaneously, new opportunities for spatial-temporal analysis, and much more.

For non-GIS specialists, as part of a joint program with Google, Esri created a free desktop GIS application ArcGIS Earth. Using it, everyone in your organisation can quickly and easily access, review, analyse and share GIS information and content.

ArcGIS_Earth 10.4

Server GIS

The well-known ArcGIS for Server in version 10.4 is more productive, functional and secure. You can take advantage of the many new tools for mapping, improved geocoding, advanced spatial and network server analysis, 3D web scenes and imaging services. The new features for monitoring and statistics along with the flexible data access control will ensure the necessary high level of security you need.

Online GIS

Smart mapping! This is fact with the new version of ArcGIS Online. Load your data into ArcGIS Online and the cloud GIS software will recognise and automatically visualise them in the best possible way. Adding the rich capabilities for spatial analysis in the cloud, fast geocoding and improved administration, ArcGIS Online will become your preferred GIS platform.


Real-time GIS

In the last few years, Esri has been working hard towards developing applications for monitoring and analysis of data in real time. As a result, as part of the ArcGIS platform, you will receive GIS applications such as ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension, Operations Dashboard, Esri Full Motion Video, and many others that will meet all your needs. You will be able to automatically collect, track, analyse and share data in real time, coming from various sources, including SCADA systems, GPS, sensors, drones etc.

Real Time GIS

Specialised GIS solutions

ArcGIS platform in version 10.4 provides nearly 100 specialised GIS solutions that meet your specific needs in different subject areas, including environment, infrastructure engineering, transportation, urbanism, business, defence and many others. Developed in cooperation with leading application experts, and meeting all the international standards, these GIS applications have already become an indispensable tool for thousands of organisations worldwide.

ArcGIS special features app