Esri in support of Japan

11 March 2011 – In response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Esri assist the many organizations involved in dealing with the consequences of the disaster. The company works closely with local and international organizations and provides on-site teams, GIS consultations software, data, images, and technical assistance.

“This is devastating large-scale disaster that is still a threat,” says Russ Johnson, Director of Solutions “Public Safety” at Esri. “We work hard to provide to agencies and organizations working on the case, all of our resources that could save lives and reduce the devastating consequences of what happened.”

GIS technology provides access to authorities to critical information required for making quick and effective decisions. GIS applications help people in the field of disaster management and relief to carry out more effectively their rescue, prioritize medical needs, identify affected areas and distribute food and drinking water resources.

Also the use of Esri for displaying maps using Social Media is available for both the media and the general public. People can follow events in real time to obtain more and better information about what is happening. It includes links to news, information on Twitter, videos on YouTube, and images on Flickr. Provides access to images of gutters, satellite images and topographic maps.

The agencies working on the case, can take advantage of maps, information, software applications and web services available online via the website of Esri ( Organizations or other interested parties in the case may request additional information and assistance through the website of Esri.

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