Esri Assists Nepal Earthquake Response

Online GIS maps help to respond to the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Sofia, 28th of April 2015 – Esri developed a set of online GIS-based maps that provide the much-needed geographic context for the territorial scope, shaking intensity, epicenters, relief operations and available resources to respond to the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

A web GIS map developed on Esri ArcGIS platform depicts the earthquakes and the dozens of aftershocks that continue to shake the country. The GIS application presents also the demographic profile of Nepal, its population density in the various points of the country, and the number of affected people in the different radiuses from the earthquake epicenter. Crucial data for the relief operations are integrated and geographically presented, including data for the type and location of the available health centers, airports, roads, etc.

There is also a public crowdsourcing GIS application that enables people to share real-time information about the shaking intensity, injured people, and other relevant information through the social media from different parts of Nepal. Meanwhile, the death toll has climbed to more than 4300, with more than 8000 injured, according to the country`s Foreign Ministry. The rescue and relief operations continue. Namely for their needs and also for the needs of more effective response to the devastating earthquake, the web GIS applications provide the necessary common operation picture. The online maps help also for the better public awareness and therefore are developed so that they can be directly embedded into websites.