Esri City Engine with Oscar nomination

Esri’s software for 3D modeling is among the contenders for the prestigious Academy Awards of the United States for technological innovation.

Sofia, 18 September 2015 .– The Scientific and Technical Awards Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the United States, selected Esri City Engine with another 10 contenders, who will compete in the prestigious category for technical achievements in the film industry.

The awards for technological innovation are the most prestigious awards in the field and recognize technology solutions and inventions that have a key contribution to the development of the film industry.

As software that allows fast and easy creation of 3D urban environments for the needs of urban planning, architecture, game development and film industry, City Engine is nominated among many technology solutions for the prestigious Academy Awards.

The winners will be announced at an official awards ceremony, which will take place on February 13, 2016.