GeoNet – the First Social Platform for GIS is Already Fact

Esri developed a unique social GIS platform, whereby you can share, chat, collaborate, and exchange experience faster than ever.

Sofia, 17th of July, 2014 – Welcome to GeoNet – the first social on-line business platform which allows you to communicate and collaborate with your colleges from all over the world on all topics in the area of Geospatial technologies. GeoNet is your chance to be linked, more than ever with the other users of GIS technologies anywhere and anytime you want.


Several sections have built the overall vision of the platform – “Content”, “People”, “Places”, and “Map”. The social on-line business platform allows you to exchange materials and sources with other GIS users and experts from all over the world, to discuss different cases and problems with them, to collaborate on different projects, and take a support from the Esri, Inc. team.

Take part in some of GeoNet’s groups and understand how other users utilize GIS for effective solutions and challenges in the area of your interests, exchange ideas and “know-how” with them.

Or you can tag your position on the interactive map and post coordinates, thus giving a chance to more GIS users, quickly and easily establish real contact with you.

Sign up now to GeoNet and become part of the big online GIS community!