StoryMaps for Personal Use – a new tool for stories based on the most powerful GIS

Furthering Esri’s Mission to Bring the Geographic Approach to All, the new StoryMaps for Personal Use app lets anyone tell and share their stories in the form of engaging, interactive web content

Available to anyone on the Internet and with a free version, the new Esri GIS application for creating and sharing personal stories, StoryMaps for Personal Use, is now available. Thus, based on the most powerful GIS software in the world, the new solution allows everyone to present their ideas, personal projects or experiences in an interactive and fascinating way! You don’t have to be a web designer, programmer, or cartographer—Esri Brings the Geographic Approach to All!

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“At Esri, we understand that sharing stories is a part of life, that everyone is a storyteller,” said Jack Dangermond, Esri founder and president. “Every moment and memory we treasure is connected to a specific location, which is why we’re making it easier to transport people anywhere in the world through richer storytelling.”

StoryMaps for Personal Use enables you, regardless of your digital skill level, to:

  • Create an entire story with a single tool. With GIS, you can tell stories about any topic. You choose the length of the story and what resources to include: your own (text, photos, videos, audio recordings, etc.) or ready-to-use images;
  •  Publish and share stories with your intended audience. You can generate a link of your storymap to share only with your family and friends, or post content on all popular social media platforms. Story writers can also embed them on websites and blogs;
  • Add custom interactive maps. You can take your readers on your journey by adding a map with graphics and pop-ups or creating a themed map;
  • Create compelling visual content. You can display your stories in a variety of ways using flexible components including a timeline, image gallery, scrolling and quotes. All content can be organized into collections.
  • Customize the look of your story. You can choose from preset themes or create a custom design with different font, color and layout options;
  • And many more possibilities!

Esri’s app StoryMaps for Personal Use also comes with a free plan with basic functionality. Every new registered user gets free access to Premium features for a period of 30 days. Users can then purchase a monthly or annual Premium subscription to StoryMaps for Personal Use, or opt for the app’s free base package.

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