ArcGIS Solutions and customer programs

Specialized Applications Key Features
Esri City Engine Esri City Engine is an innovative software for quick and easy creation of 3D urban environment for the needs of urban planning and architecture. This product provides a complete set of industry-leading tools for aggregation of spatial data, enabling 3D modeling of buildings, facades, street networks and public spaces.
Esri Business Analyst Esri Business Analyst is a specialized solution for rapid and optimal choice of locations, market research, conducting market analyzes, etc. The solution includes the products: Business Analyst Online, Business Analyst Desktop, Business Analyst Server and BAO API for customized applications.
ArcGIS for Transportation Analytics ArcGIS for Transportation Analytics is a package of software products that combines ArcGIS base technology products, specifically designed for the purpose of routing and addressing transportation optimization problems. The package consists of ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Advanced, ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced, ArcGIS Network Analyst for Desktop and Server, Esri Developer Network standard, Street Map Premium Advanced (NATEQ Data), ArcGIS Online, Real – Time Traffic (optional) and Esri Navigator (optional).
ArcGIS for AutoCAD ArcGIS for AutoCAD is a free extension of ESRI GIS AutoCAD, allowing easy data exchange and integration between the two softwares. Through ArcGIS for AutoCAD users can access in AutoCAD environment GIS data, map services for imaging and others. Project files can then be imported at CAD to GIS in order to perform powerful spatial analysis.
Specialized Programs Description
Esri Developer Network /EDN/  Esri Developer Network / EDN / is an annual subscription program that offers to the developers a rich library of ArcGIS products,, tools, and documentation. Through it, software developers are able to create different server, desktop, web and mobile GIS applications. Software development can be done using a variety of languages​​, platforms and tools (NET, Java, JavaScript, Silverlight, Flex, COM, etc.).
ArcGIS for Home Use

ArcGIS for Home Use is an annual subscription program that allows users to work with the powerful ESRI GIS products, mostly from home. Paying the subscription fee, you get the latest versions of these products, for a period of 12 months.

•    ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (ArcInfo) Version
•    ArcGIS 3D Analyst
•    ArcGIS Data Interoperability
•    ArcGIS Data Reviewer
•    ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
•    ArcGIS Network Analyst
•    ArcGIS Publisher
•    ArcGIS Schematics
•    ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
•    ArcGIS Tracking Analyst
•    ArcGIS Workflow Manager