With Esri & Trimble you get complete software and hardware solutions for field work. The high-tech products for positioning allows the field workers to collect, store, update, process, analyze and provide georeferenced information. With the integration of GPS, laser and optical technologies with application software, wireless communications and services, customers receive a complete solution to collect, manage and analyze complex field information.

As a partner of ESRI Bulgaria, Trimble offers a variety of GNSS receivers, computers, software and their components including:

•    Product series TRIMBLE GPS Pathfinder
•    Product series TRIMBLE GeoExplorer
•    Product series TRIMBLE Juno
•    Product series TRIMBLE Nomad
•    Product series TRIMBLE Yuma
•    Product series TRIMBLE Recon
•    Product series TRIMBLE GeoBeacon
•    Software products

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