“The work we do is really useful for society”

Blitz interview with Konstantin Marinov, GIS and database intern at Esri Bulgaria

Konstantin Marinov learned about GIS for the first time in geography and economics classes at 164 GPIE “Miguel de Cervantes”. He quickly realized that his interests in the field of mathematics, geography, programming and regional development were perfectly combined in the specialty “Geospatial Systems and Technologies” at SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”, where he has been a student for two years.
He likes to travel – both in Bulgaria and abroad, to have fun with friends, to learn new things. He shares that he is actively interested in civilian life. That’s why he repeatedly participates in initiatives of the BG Forest to plant trees and is an active volunteer at the Metropolitan Library. Moreover, during the great floods in the villages of Bogdan and Karavelovo, he helped to clear the yards of the victims, and with his friends he also participated in another initiative to clean an abandoned building, which is to be used for children with special needs.
Find out more about Konstantin and what he has to say about his internship with us.

You chose an internship at Esri Bulgaria because…
As a second-year student of “Geospatial Systems and Technologies” at SU “St. Kliment Ohridski” I was looking for opportunities for development and challenges in a real work environment. I considered that this internship would give me a good boost in my professional path going forward.

internship 2
How would you describe the internship in up to 5 words?
Extremely interesting, diverse and inspiring.
What are the 3 things you like most about the internship?
Working with ArcGIS Online applications, the dedicated team, and the constant challenges to overcome.
Tell us about your mentor in 3 words:
Always is available.
What did you learn about GIS?
I learned to build web applications, configure interactive dashboards, make custom expressions with ArcGIS Arcade, and in general, work effectively in the ArcGIS software ecosystem.
The most important skills you learned during your internship are…
I developed my critical thinking and how to find solutions to problems, thinking “outside the box”. I also upgraded my purely technical skills.
How do you feel as an intern in our team?
I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to be part of the Esri Bulgaria team. The work we do is extremely interesting and exciting to me. Most of all, it is really useful for society, which gives me extra incentive and motivation. I would be happy to be even more actively involved in various projects. The team is great and I want to give special thanks to my mentor who is always there and I don’t stop learning new and new things from him.
How did you change from the person before the internship?
I managed to face real problems and solutions from practice, to gain valuable experience and an even better idea of ​​the field. I dream of successfully continuing my development in the field and contributing to a brighter, more sustainable and more efficient future of our society.
To whom would you recommend a career in GIS?
To anyone who would be interested in collecting, analyzing, processing geographic data or their visualization through applications, maps, infographics, dashboards. To anyone who would like to feel useful to society.
Do you believe that GIS technologies are changing the world?
GIS technologies can be applied in any field of development, from urban planning and energy resources to health and biological research. By collecting, analyzing and presenting geospatial data, GIS technologies not only streamline processes, but also facilitate informed decision making, thereby actually changing the world for the better!