“I feel part of a professional and innovative team”

Blitz interview with Nadia Petkova, GIS and database intern at Esri Bulgaria

Nadia Petkova has a master’s degree in “Geographical Information Systems and Cartography” at the “St. Kliment Ohridski” and intern “GIS and databases” in our team.
She shares about herself that she is excited about everything around her. “I like to walk in nature and feel like a part of it. Cooking for me is not just a hobby – it’s my personal cult where I create and experiment with different flavors and share them with my friends and family. Travel is my path to discovery – each new destination is a journey to different cultures, flavors and encounters. And my work with GIS is another passion of mine that gives me the opportunity to explore and understand the world around us in a new and exciting way.”
Find out more about Nadya and why she believes that with GIS technologies, the necessary decisions can be made for a better future for all of us.

internship 2 (6)

You chose an internship at Esri Bulgaria because…
It provides a great opportunity to work with leading GIS technologies and a team of professionals.
How would you describe the internship in up to 5 words?
Combining the pleasant with the useful.
What are the 3 things you like most about the internship?
The possibility of practical application of my knowledge, teamwork and the possibility of development.
Tell us about your mentor in 3 words:
Active, engaged, an example.
What did you learn about GIS?
I learned a lot of new things – new tools for geographic data analysis, new principles for spatial analysis and visualization. I also learned about the latest trends and developments in the field of GIS technology. These are just some of the things I “stole” for myself, and that’s the good thing about GIS – the constant development.
The most important skills you learned during your internship are…
First and foremost is the skill of good communication, which is essential for a successful implementation in the team. I also developed my critical thinking and ability to solve technical challenges. Last but not least, the ability to adapt to new technologies and methods in the field of GIS. All in all, every single skill I learn and build upon during the internship is of great benefit to my future development in the field.
How do you feel as an intern in the Esri Bulgaria team?
I feel exciting and accepted, part of a professional and innovative team.
How did he change from the person before the internship?
I have changed as a professional – the internship helps me develop new skills and convince me of the correctness of my choices, encouraging me to actively pursue my ambitions.
What do you dream of?
I dream of a successful career in GIS and contributing to innovation in this field.
To whom would you recommend a career in GIS?
I recommend a career in GIS to anyone who enjoys combining innovative technologies with local, regional, even global problem solving. And not only that, a career in GIS is suitable for anyone who is open to the world around us.
Do you believe that GIS technologies are changing the world?
Yes, I certainly do. GIS technologies have enormous potential to change the world because they provide incredible opportunities to analyze, optimize and solve problems that affect the global community. GIS technologies play a key role in shaping strategies, supporting decisions that lead to a better future for all. They help us see the world in a new different way and make more informed decisions about our future.