ArcGIS 10.5 Brings Major Advancements in GIS

The latest version of the world`s leading GIS platform is available for the Bulgarian customers.

Sofia, 26 January 2017 – ArcGIS 10.5 brings many new specialized solutions, broad functionality, and impressive portfolio of ready-to-use GIS content from all over the world. With the 10.5 version, you have access to a whole new multicomponent GIS  that will unlock the full potential of your organizational data.

Insights for ArcGIS

Insights for ArcGIS is the new star in the ArcGIS platform that offers innovative customer experience and interactive data analyses. Light, easily operated and at the same time powerful web application that provides you with the opportunity to explore and analyze big amounts of data more quickly and easily than ever.

With Insights for ArcGIS you can:

  • Perform complex spatial analyses through the “drag and drop” tools if the application. Thus, with only one drag of the mouse, your analysis is ready!
  • Visualize results from the analyses through automatically loading maps, charts, and tables.
  • Use the innovative functionality of the application for Smart Mapping. You only have to load your data and the application will do the rest. Insights for ArcGIS will visualize them on the map in the best possible cartographic way.
  • Many more

Insights for ArcGIS image

ArcGIS Desktop

The latest version of ArGIS Desktop is more than just a desktop GIS. In the 10.5 edition, with ArcGIS Desktop you receive a comprehensive suite of desktop applications, including ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, a subscription to the cloud platform ArcGIS Online, access to data from all over the world through Esri Living Atlas and more.

Try for yourselves some of the new ArcGIS Desktop functionalities, among which are: 

  • Smart Mapping
  • New spatial-temporal statistical analyses (2D/3D/4D;  hot and cold point identification, etc.)
  • Many new analytical tools

  • New graphs and charts, bidirectionally  integrated with maps
  • New and improved tools for processing LIDAR data

  • New tools for quick and easy 3D modeling
  • Advanced capabilities for processing raster data

  • Many new tools for image classification
  • Work with scientific data (HDF, GRIB, NetCDF, time raster, etc.).

  • Many other

ArcGIS for Desktop 10.5

ArcGIS Enterprise 

In recent years, Esri works hard towards creating the most powerful and comprehensive GIS server. In ArcGIS 10.5 this is a fact with ArcGIS Enterprise – product dictated by the needs of modern organizations for processing and analyzing large volumes and different format`s data. ArcGIS Enterprise is an extension of ArcGIS Server, but a new, consumer-oriented variant which facilitates the works with data and enhances the analytical capabilities of the users. ArcGIS Enterprise provides high availability, security and capacity combined with easy administration.

For those who work with large amounts of real-time data ArcGIS Enterprise extensions are here to help  - GeoEvent Server and GeoAnalytics Server creates new opportunities for processing and analyzing spatial and temporal data with rapid action and many new automatic functionalities. In addition, ArcGIS Image Server provides a dynamic imaging server, allowing identification of changes over time, advanced raster analyses, and many others.

Drone2Map for ArcGIS

Drone2Map is the newest tool in the arsenal of ArcGIS that allows users to quickly and easily create products with images taken by a drone. Drone2Map for ArcGIS offers rich opportunities for offline work, use of templates and many other features to facilitate the work with unmanned aerial machines. The application supports built-in 3D visualizations, enables easy sharing and sufficient use of the final products.

Drone2Map for ArcGIS 10.5

ArcGIS solutions for field work  optimization       

Esri experts are well aware how important are planning and good preparation for the management and execution of field tasks. Therefore in version 10.5, ArcGIS platform includes Workforce for ArcGIS – application of new generation for creating and assigning tasks from office to field teams. Moreover, Workforce for ArcGIS allows real-time monitoring of the conducted work and the teams. It may be supplemented by the mobile GIS applications Navigator for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS and Survey 123.

Survey 123 is a brand new mobile GIS solution part of the ArcGIS platform, that offers easy and intuitive data collection through integration with GIS forms. With the application, you can create questionnaires, include geographical location and fill out the geodatabase data directly from the field.

In the era of digitization ArcGIS 10.5 offers a new generation of reliable analytical GIS technologies with revolutionary functionalities that bring outstanding performance to the customer.